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 If content is king, video is its crown

Corporate Film Production Services is one of the most important parts of modern digital media. Action Filmz is known to provide the best corporate video production services near you and knows how to make the web & video that would work for your industry. Here at Action Filmz, we offer all-inclusive full video production services starting from mere pre-production, production to the final post-production. Not only do we create compelling visuals that illustrate powerful messaging, we also craft a language and tone for our clients. Our studio’s mission is to infuse storytelling through the medium of video creation. Moving images in short, engaging snippets are used to great effect on so many broadcast platforms now and video is all around us and tells your story with style, substance and impact.

Location Scouting

At Action Filmz, we pride ourselves on high production values on all our production services. DUBAI is a dynamic international melting pot that attracts a massive spectrum of professionals, cast, crew and artisan. The cross-cultural reality of UAE presents itself in many different ways with the super modern existence next to the cultural and more traditional past. The state of the art and constantly up to date equipment will accommodate even the most demanding productions. The locations are incredibly varied offering directors an amazing selection between Nature, Urban and Modern architecture that is not equaled anywhere. Dubai can offer scale, texture and Hollywood style sound stages. The casting is rich for picking with enthusiastic contenders varying from Europeans, Asians, Latin’s and Africans. The dynamic fashion scene in Dubai has ensured the presence of some of the top models around the world.

Line Production

Line Production

Entering at the development stage of a project, we, as line producers, stay throughout to ensure seamless flow of the process and on-time delivery. Given the script, we estimate the production budget for the project. From scouting locations, hiring crew, casting, getting filming permits to the final post-productionwe do it all. We customize each detail in the process according to the client’s requirements and preferences. Estimating, budgeting, scheduling, and executing- in the most cost-effective way.

We have a pool of competent talent with years of hands down experience in handling line production for all genres of films in Dubai. With a balanced creative and analytic thinking, our team possesses expertise in tackling with the unpredictable nature of film production and have excellent crisis management skills. Getting the filming permits could be challenging in the country. Our professional approach has garnered us good-will with the Dubai Film & Television Commission (DFTC) which is an added virtue for getting the permits within the shortest span of time.

Post Production

Post Production

Action Filmz is One Stop Shop for all your production services and rental needs. We provide full support to local and international production house by renting of Digital Cinema Camera, Lens, Film Lighting, Grip Equipment, Still Photography Equipment, AV Equipment, Transport & Generator, Studios Rentals, Location Services, Filming Permits, Post-production Services, Expendables, and etc…

We ‘ll give you access to our network of seasoned Professional Camera crew, Grip, Gaffer, Assistants, DIT, Sound mixers and etc.

We also have our Studios located in the heart of Dubai plus our extensive on-site equipment rental options. Action Filmz has been the studios location of choice for numerous successful productions both Local & International.



Khaled Zaazouh

Working with Action Filmz is a breeze, hassle free, literally. We worked on a Mission Impossible 7 in Abu Dhabi, everything we asked for was available. Great team and always on the phone day/night to support with anything you require.

Production Manager


Umar Garcia Tariq

From our small indie projects to large complex shoots, Action Filmz has been our primary production partner for over 7 years now. They’re up to speed with the latest in film production equipment and an experienced crew, all under a proactive booking and rentals team.
One of the best in the region. Highly recommended.

Director | Producer - Zooxel Dubai


Oliver Doran

As an international photographer travelling to Dubai for advertising campaigns, both for photo and film productions; I have been amazed by the speed of quoting and flexibility by the crew. For me they are an all in one crew and lighting solution which will add great value to any production.

International Photographer


Dev Vaswani

True to its name Action Filmz is always in the action! Their professional, prompt and friendly service sets the standard in the industry. We have worked with them for years and find their attitude refreshing and honest.

Milkshake Media


Avinash Shankar

Excellent crew, quality equipment and Crispin is totally hands on. Highly recommended.



Jatinder Kaur Mahli

I have used Action Filmz for many years now simply because they understand how to support on each projects needs and requirements. The booking team and crew are always supportive and understanding. They will suggest solutions when in need, and come with cheerful, polite and professional attitudes and carry years of skilled industry experience with a can do attitude.

Freelance Producer

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