Available in: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm ,85mm and 135mm

The name “Super Speed” is one familiar to nearly all cinematographers, even though it wasn’t officially associated with a lens until 2012. The Zeiss MK II T1.3 high speed lens series built on the popularity of the 1970’s Zeiss B-Speed series and their 1980’s follow up MK I “Expanded Scale” series. Featuring the same optical design as the MK I “Expanded Scale” series, the MK II’s featured some minor cosmetic changes including the addition of a gear of the iris scale. All MK II “Super Speeds” feature uniform 80mm front diameter’s, a compact, lightweight design and a fast T1.3 aperture. The MK II’s feature characteristics akin to other Zeiss lenses such as good contrast, high resolution and neutral colour rendering. With a gentle fall off, and pleasing sharpness, the popularity of the “Super Speeds” has risen in recent times with the increase in high resolution digital capture. The “Super Speeds” are a vintage classic and an industry favorite.


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