The 4-In-1 UV & ND Clip-In Filter Set for Sony Alpha Cameras from Kase includes three popular levels of neutral density filters along with a protective ultraviolet filter. The ND filters provide 3, 6, and 10 stops of reduction, allowing for finer control of aperture and shutter speeds to compose the desired level of depth of field or motion blur. The UV filter adds a layer of multicoating to reduce haze, and it also acts as a protective cover to the image sensor when shooting in harsh environments.

Many wide-angle lenses and super-telephoto lenses cannot attach traditional filters to front filter rings. These clip-in filters solve that challenge by mounting inside the camera body, in front of the image sensor. Installation is quick and easy, and removing the filters is simplified with the included plastic removal tool. All the filters provide added sensor protection due to their waterproof and oil-resistant coatings. The included matte black shading fabric reduces the potential for stray lens flare.

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