With the SpaceX 1200W Color Pro Kit with Hardcase Optics, Creamsource gives you everything you’ll need to get up and running with this impressive light source in the studio or on location. This kit includes the SpaceX fixture with a yoke measuring 28″ in diameter. Six LED engines have variable color from 2000 to 15,000K. Also included are an Intensifier Optic (with its own hard case) for each engine, to narrow the SpaceX’s wide 115° native beam spread to 50°. A weatherproof hard case with wheels is provided for shipping purposes.

The powerful and versatile SpaceX RBGAW Color LED Light from Creamsource is a 1200W light instrument made up of an array of six powerful LED engines operating in a compact circular form factor. With a CRI of 95 through its 3200K to 6500K range, it provides superb color rendition, and then adds full RBGAW hue and saturation capabilities for millions of available colors. The efficient RBGAW LEDs provide an extended color temperature range from 2200K to 15,000K with a full stop of green/magenta control.

The LED engine array is cooled by a highly efficient and quiet fan system, which can be speed controlled, or even paused for completely silent operation. The integrated power supply means there is no bulky, heavy ballast required, so placing the SpaceX on a stand or suspending it via three standard cable-rigging points is simple.

Brightness, color, fan operation, and more can be controlled locally, and by the wired DMX 5-pin XLR connection, complete with pass-through capability for networking. In addition, panels may be controlled and networked wirelessly via integrated LumenRadio and Wireless DMX capability.

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