The DLH4 light head forms the core of the Dedolight Master 4-Light Kit. It’s extremely compact, yet (with its dual-lens concept) provides high light output.

4 DLH4 Light head aspherics2
4 DT24-1 Dimmable electronic power supply 24 V
4 DBD8 Barn door
4 DPLS Light shield ring
4 DFH Filter holder
1 DP1 Imager projection attachment
4 DLH4 Aspherics light head, 100W/150W tungsten
4 DT24-1E Power supply 1 x 24V/150W (230VAC)
4 DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
4 DPLS Light shield ring
4 DFH Gel filter holder
1 DP1 Imager projection attachment
1 DPGH Steel gobo holder (size ‘M’)
1 DPFS Imager framing shutter blade set
1 DPIR Imager Iris
4 DST Dedolight stand
1 DSTFX Flexible stand extension (510 mm)
1 DH2 Dedolight holder
2 CLAMP1 Dedolight clamp
8 DL150 Lamp 150W / 24V
2 DLBOX Plastic Box
1 DCHDKA1 Transport case (KA24 kits)

Weight: 15.7 kg (34.6 lbs),
Size: 58 x 43 x 27 cm (22.8 x 17 x 10.6 “)

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