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For about more than over 18 years, Action Filmz has been providing state-of-the-art comprehensive service to film-makers, photographers, broadcasters, corporates, advertising agencies and media industry professionals in the UAE and internationally. Whether you are shooting a film, a commercial, a corporate video or organizing an event, we can offer you the crafted support, equipment, crew and tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Our inventory has a collection of specialized equipment for film and photography rentals, in addition to our studio facilities, We also provide technical crew, production, post production and event management.

From cameras to lighting, grips and generators, we are able to provide equipment and experienced operators to meet any need from the simplest requirement to a full turnkey solution.


“To solve production challenges for our customers that go above and beyond a typical rental house.”


“To provide all the tools and human resources needed for the craft of media production under one roof.”

Meet the team

We are privileged to have an experienced team of in-house professionals ranging from DoP, Camera Operators, Digital Imaging Technicians, Sound Recordists, Lighting, Electrical/ Grip Technicians and other crew that are amongst the most talented and sought after professionals in the business. All our skilled crew members are driven by passion, commitment whose focus entirely lies to delivering excellence and adding value to our customers.

Crispin Dominic

Crispin Dominic is a skilled and dedicated technician and DoP who has learnt his craft from, and been inspired by, some of the best in the media production industry. He arrived in Dubai when the media scene in the UAE was in its infancy and had the privilege of working under the famous Iranian photographer, Faramarz Beheshti.

During the course of his career, he has worked in several different roles within production from gaffer to DoP working on numerous commercials, broadcast and film projects. This has given him a great insight and knowledge of both the technical and operational aspects of production. His passion for film production coupled with his experience and dedication to his craft saw him identify a gap in the market for a one stop-shop for film and photography professionals.

Action Filmz was born in 2004 and our philosophy is quite simple – offer the right place, the right kit and the right people at the right price and the magic evolves on its own. He has built a team of experienced, committed professionals who share his thirst to learn and his love and passion for film. Inspired and motivated by Crispin, Action Filmz team are regarded as ONE of the best in the business.

Nothing gives Crispin greater satisfaction than helping a client turn their vision into reality and today Action Filmz has the pleasure of working with many big media houses both locally and internationally.

Show Reel Link: https://vimeo.com/crispindominic

Abdul Qadir
General Manager

Abdul Qadir joined Action Filmz roughly 10 years ago. He has been the concrete pillar of Action Filmz ever since he joined and his expertise has brought many qualitative clients, above all years old relationships with them.

A multitasker who manages to keep clients and the jobs assigned to him intact and satisfied is one of his strongest suits. His passion coupled with his experience and dedication to his craft and with this ability, he set about nurturing a company that could offer its clients everything they need to ensure a qualitative shoot and production.


Cyrus Patel

This was my first experience of working with ActionFilmz and I am happy to say it will be the start of a long relationship with the team working there!

Kandahar was one of the first Hollywood films to ever film in Saudi Arabia and ActionFilmz provided us with all the lighting and grip equipment for the project as well as the crew for the lighting department. I can not speak highly enough of the professionalism and “can-do attitude” of the entire team at ActionFilmz. They went above and beyond to make sure the project was a success and were an integral part of putting this together.  

A special mention to Crispin Dominic and the entire team who worked so hard to be part of the movie and make sure we had everything we needed and more. I can honestly say the experience was amazing and we started as colleagues on a project and ended as friends and we will work together with ActionFilmz a lot more in the future!

Unit Production Manager - Kandahar

David Ortkiese

Faced with the challenge of shooting a multi-cam show remotely, Action Filmz met the challenge head-on. Seven Mini LFs, One Alexa Mini, Twelve Premista Zooms, and three prime lens packages are a lot for any rental house. Along with a lighting and grip package, Action Filmz was able to outfit our show with the gear we needed to shoot the show remotely and in a short amount of time.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Director/Director of Photography

Walter Bithell

Desert Warrior was the largest film production ever to shoot inside Saudi Arabia. At the time of production, there was minimal infrastructure to handle a sizeable Hollywood show. This is where Action Filmz, out of Dubai, UAE, stepped in and saved the day for the lighting department. The hardest part of lighting Desert Warrior was sourcing, securing, shipping, delivering, and returning the Hollywood-grade equipment we needed to film this project. Action Filmz excelled as a reliable and trusted partner every step of the way.

They have one of the largest movie lighting inventories in the Middle East. They own and rent the kind of lighting equipment professionals like to use. Their equipment is extremely well maintained, no small feat for gear that regularly works in the most grueling deserts on Earth. They are a service-oriented company. They are experts in Middle East shipping and customs processes & requirements. Anything they don’t directly own, they can and will find. They’ll do whatever it takes to ensure equipment arrives on time and budget.

Crispin Dominic, the owner, is a true filmmaker in his own right. Action Filmz delivered the goods. They are the real deal, and I felt fortunate they were by our side on Desert Warrior.

Key Gaffer- Desert Warrior

Eric Hedayat

Action Filmz played a large part in making Desert Warrior a success in Saudi Arabia – great gear, competitive prices and amazing customer service from the top down. As the biggest film to shoot entirely in the region, we were faced with many challenges and Action Filmz was one of the solutions !

Line Producer/ EPM- Desert Warrior

Pratixa Kanojia

The team at Action and I go a long way back. It all started nearly 10 years ago when I got them on board for a Bank TVC, since then to now, they’ve been my go to partners for everything EQUIPMENT and Crew! It’s Crispin’s vision and hard work to grow with the industry, Abdul’s management skills, the power packed lighting and camera units, and tireless efforts of the admin team that have steered Action to be the ‘A’ team in the region. Action Filmz have always delivered beyond my expectations and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone whose looking to do a shoot in the region!

Executive Producer

Hikmat Ghandour

Always a pleasure to work with Action Filmz! Always reliable, on time and always flexible, they make every project very easy and smooth.

Meraki Productions

Fares Corbani

Actionfilmz is where professionalism and perfection meet!

With a strong attention to details, you would never face a single issue with any of their services.

Shout out to the industry’s most professional crew there, Srinivas Kusuma (AKA Toyota) – Focus puller and Sherif Mohammed – Gaffer.


Trinity, Steadicam & Camera Operator Arri Certified Trinity Trainer

Harish G Kale

We had the opportunity to work with Action Filmz on a feature length film in November 2021. Action Filmz is easily the top provider of film gear and equipment in the UAE. They have talented and experienced crew, who are well versed in all the technical know-how required by industry standard film sets. Special thanks to owner & DOP Crispin Domnic of Action Filmz and the entire team that made our experience absolutely seamless and enjoyable. Highly recommend Action Filmz!

Fidelis Management Consultants

Shwetha Pillay-Basu

Convoco Films had the wonderful opportunity to work with Action Filmz on our recent feature film in Abu Dhabi. Can’t recommend Action Filmz enough! With experienced and talented crew & a full range of equipment, Action Filmz is a one stop shop for film gear and personnel. Crispin Domnic and Team are phenomenal, not to mention, extremely production friendly and we greatly look forward to working with Action Filmz again

Line Producer

Nayla Al Khaja

I have had a fantastic experience with Action Filmz in several capacities including the crew, services and quality of equipment. Action Filmz always seems to be ahead of the curve in regards to their gear. Their crew is always amazing and supportive. As a film director, I worked on several projects and it has always warmed my heart.

Thank you and I appreciate all your support.

Film Director

Mik Allen

Having had the pleasure to work closely with Action Filmz for over 10 years, I have seen the company grow to a truly international level in terms of equipment options, professional crew and service support.

Action Filmz are constantly keeping up with the ever changing equipment trends offered globally, appreciating the different demands and requirements asked of them from a cross section of DP’s and Productions. The inventory is impressive by anyone’s standards.

When dealing with Action Filmz you get a truly personal service with every effort made to shape and accommodate to each and every specific requirement.

I can’t recommend Action Filmz enough !


Khaled Zaazouh

Working with Action Filmz is a breeze, hassle free, literally. We worked on a Mission Impossible 7 in Abu Dhabi, everything we asked for was available. Great team and always on the phone day/night to support with anything you require.

Production Manager

Umar Garcia Tariq

From our small indie projects to large complex shoots, Action Filmz has been our primary production partner for over 7 years now. They’re up to speed with the latest in film production equipment and an experienced crew, all under a proactive booking and rentals team.
One of the best in the region. Highly recommended.

Director | Producer - Zooxel Dubai

Oliver Doran

As an international photographer travelling to Dubai for advertising campaigns, both for photo and film productions; I have been amazed by the speed of quoting and flexibility by the crew. For me they are an all in one crew and lighting solution which will add great value to any production.

International Photographer

Dev Vaswani

True to its name Action Filmz is always in the action! Their professional, prompt and friendly service sets the standard in the industry. We have worked with them for years and find their attitude refreshing and honest.

Milkshake Media

Avinash Shankar

Excellent crew, quality equipment and Crispin is totally hands on. Highly recommended.


Jatinder Kaur Mahli

I have used Action Filmz for many years now simply because they understand how to support on each projects needs and requirements. The booking team and crew are always supportive and understanding. They will suggest solutions when in need, and come with cheerful, polite and professional attitudes and carry years of skilled industry experience with a can do attitude.

Freelance Producer

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