Studio Services

ActionFilmz have its own fully equipped studio space in the heart of Dubai which has already catered various names from the media industry. We have facility of onsite equipment rental services along with the professional in house crew which makes our location perfect for productions houses catering locally and internationally. Our 3000 square foot studio floor with extensive equipment to be rented on site may be transformed into the best location for any of your shooting needs.

Our Studio and its Specifications:


The bigger the better and our studio covers 3000 square foot of floor space which makes it feasible for various shoot options.

Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains helps to block light and heat coming from windows that get strong sun. This is one of the crucial things you need while planning for any kind of Shoot. On the contrary to the popular belief, blackout curtain must not be always black.

Infinity Curve:

Also known as infinity cove is very famous for product photography because it allows the photographers to remove appearance of background of any kind and also to mask any object during Photoshop. Infinity curve is primarily used to create stage with plain and single color background.

Floating Ceiling:

8m x 8m floating ceiling is what we have in our studio and is perfect for your regular shoots.

Green Screen:

One of the most demanding things in any studio if planning for perfect shoot is the green screen. Green color is used most commonly because it has the highest luminance of all colors.

Lighting Grid:

For any kind of photo shoot or drama or film, lighting grid is something which can’t be excused if looking to bring best of your shoot. It helps to understand where lights are pointed at on the stage and what coverage and color they have.

Green Room ad Makeup Room:

Makeup room as the name suggests is one of the most needed places while shooting however when they are not shooting and actors are not performing, it is green room where they get place to relax.

Rental Equipments:

Extensive list of extensive rental equipment inventory on site makes our studio one of the most feasible in house studio which serves your various equipment needs easily while shooting your film or else.

Washroom & Kitchen:

Last but not the least, our studio have washroom and kitchen in place.

And Off course the place is fully Wi-Fi with high net speed.

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