Event Services

At ActionFilmz, we offer extended services to make your event really successful and memorable. Be it providing a DJ or sound and lighting solution or any other related services to the event but we make sure that your event becomes a successful one. We provide a vital range of event services in Dubai.

What all we can offer?


You are planning for an event and if you are still not fixed for the right location for the event, ActionFilmz can help you to grab the best possible location at again best possible rent to get your event organized. Location plays a vital role while you are planning for any shoots, to make your event successful.

Sound & Lighting Solutions:

Any event without a perfect sound and lights may not be a victorious one and we at ActionFilmz are devoted to offer the most updated sounds and lighting solutions to our clientele so as to make their event a cherishing one. For any shoot, one of the most crucial equipment which may be required is sound and lighting solutions only.

Camera & Crew Hire:

Our event services and solutions team are best at finding the right camera and crew for your shoot and event. If you are wishing to make your shoot event a prizewinning one, you have to have the right camera and crew.


You are talking about an event and if you don’t have a right DJ for event, you are on the way to ruin your event by yourself. We at ActionFilmz understand your requirement and provide you with the best D.J.s available to make your event not just a successful one but also conquering.

Set Design:

Any kind of shoot needs a right design of Sets and if set designs are good, the whole shoot comes out a better one. When we are talking about a shoot or any other event too, set is something which can’t be ignored at all. Our event services and solution team helps you to get the right set design to perform your shoot or the event you are planning.


Entertainment may be of many kinds but every entertainment must be aimed to entertain your audience. Whatever kind the entertainment may be, we target to make sure that entertainment is not just to be called entertainment but to be truly felt entertained.


Having said all these, any other kind of services which are related to the shoot event is part of our services too. You may always ask for any services related to your shoot and we will make sure to serve the best possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our Event Services and Solutions team today and discuss your specific requirements so as to let us help you plan and host the perfect event possible.

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