We are privileged to have an experienced team of in-house professionals ranging from DoP, Camera Operators, Digital Imaging Technicians, Sound Recordists, Lighting, Electrical and Grip technicians and other crew.

All are experienced and skilled in their craft with many years experience across a range of genres including film, television, commercials, corporate videos, fashion shoots and events. All our skilled crew members are driven by a passion, commitment and focus to delivering excellence and adding value to our customers.

In addition to their technical expertise, experience and knowledge all our crew are approachable, friendly and enthusiastic which makes them fun and easy to work with too.

There is a simple reason that Rolling Thunder always calls Action Filmz first
whenever we do a production. They are the best at what they do in Dubai.
Not only do we feel 100% relaxed and confident that our production will run
smoothly, we also know that the job will guaranteed look amazing, every time.


Crispin and the guys at Action Filmz are true team players, and they always
put in the extra work and do whatever it takes to make sure the job gets done
and everybody is happy. This has lead to many successful productions for us
over the years, and Action Filmz is Rolling Thunder’s number 1 go-to company
for equipment and crew, and let’s not forget Crispin’s very keen eye as a DOP.

Henrik Friberg
Owner, Rolling Thunder FZ LLC

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