Action Filmz provides high quality services of grips are more responsible, punctuate and disciplined. Grips professionals are technicians in the film making and video production industries. They constitute their own department on a film set and are directed by a key grip. Many of the studio service agencies in Dubai provide grips for rents. You just have to keep your eye open and select the best one for you.

A well projected Grip has two main functions;

  • Grips is to work with the camera department closely to provide the support the camera because camera are not easy to manage, sometimes the camera is on dolly, crane or another unusual position like hanging with wire from buildings.
  • It protect camera from any kind of damage and for your valuable scene we are providing experienced grips
  • It works with electrical department to set up the lighting equipment dolly and many more equipment for a shot. Photography director must be relaxed with their work.

Why to choose our Grip rental service in Dubai?

Our grips are experienced as usual because grip’s responsibility is to build and maintain all the equipment that supports cameras. In the category there are different types of grip equipment includes like; dollies, tracks, jibs, static rigs, cranes and so many others is constructed of delicate yet heavy duty parts requiring a high level of experience to operate and move.

When the shooting of scene in process then the cameras are hanged or mounted on complex areas. Those cameras are extremely expensive. Grip has to take care of those accordingly to the director of photography. Grip also follows the order of directors to manage camera like push, pull, hang, mount, the camera with Verity of setting. Your equipment’s are valuable for us. Thus we gave our grip training for a patience to stand with holding your valuable products.

Our well trained professionals train you to perform a key role that indicates the artificiality during the film with the camera moves.  Grips are usually requested by the director of photography and on the camera operator sometimes other ones. Although the work is physically demanding and the hours are long, the work can be rewarding. Many grips work on both commercials and features, so we train them that they can work for long time effortlessly.

Action Filmz also insure you that the rent of their grips fees is cheaper than they work for you because we provide you a best grips ever and action films is always with you for any kind of inconvenience. So give a chance to work with you and spent some golden time working together.

Action Filmz gives you a great service you can reach to our nearest store to rent them and also visit to our website we are working regularly to give you a best services ever. We guarantee you that we gives you best grips with best services and try to never give a chance to complain us.

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